Ormiston Childcare That Puts Your Child First

29 March 2022

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Child centric or child-led education is one of the most pivotal shifts in recent years toward supporting the growth of a well-rounded and balanced person. The truth, however, is that it is simply embracing principles that have been present in Ormiston childcare for a very long time — the ideals of community and learning through play have always been a cornerstone of what we strive for at the Treetops Early Learning Centre.

One element that needs to be highlighted is the effects and/or benefits of embracing this education philosophy. Let’s take a look.

What Are The Main Characteristics Developed By Child-led Education?

Putting the child at the centre of our education system has a number of positive results:

  • Independent, confident and hands-on

Children direct their own learning and are allowed the freedom to explore. As a result, they are able to take on complex and abstract ideas by getting involved in developing their focus and authority over a particular subject.

  • Social and curious to learn from others

Learning from others and being encouraged to explore peer-to-peer skills development makes children develop their social skills and their ability to observe and glean information from a multitude of sources.

  • True to a love of learning

Self-management and the ability to remain perpetually curious fosters a life-long love of learning and self-educating. A hunger for knowledge and the ability to find it develops this passion.

  • Able to grow at their own pace

Being child-led, the pace of learning is fully dependent on what the child is ready for and what they are interested in. This encourages young learners not to be discouraged and to feel less pressure to complete things at a pace unsuited to them.

Embrace The Journey Of Value-Based Early Childhood Education

Treetops Early Learning Centre provides a safe and welcoming environment for children to be themselves and yet form part of a cohesive collective. They belong to a community and form part of a group, and this fosters strong relationships and effective childcare. Talk to us today to find out more about Ormiston childcare by calling us directly or using the online portal.