Greetings everyone, My name is Shonie and I am the new Centre cook for Treetops Botany. I've been here in New Zealand for 3 years with my loving family. I used to work in a dental clinic back in the Philippines, but my passion for cooking has led me to this job.

I love the kitchen so much because i love to cook for my family and I feel very happy when I see them satisfied with the meals I cook for them. Just like the kitchen in Treetops, my heart feels very full and happy seeing children enjoying the food that I prepare for them. I am so excited to see you all soon.

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Sample Menus


Our menus are based on Healthy Heart Award Pā-Harakeke: Flourishing (gold award). All of our nutritious snacks and meals are created daily on-site in our kitchen, made with love and fresh ingredients! Our menus are posted on Educa every week for our whānau to read and see what their children are having each day at the centre. We ensure that all our children are catered for - any dietary requirements or allergies are no problem! 


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