You want the best for your children.

At Treetops Early Learning Centres, we understand this. 

While we are teachers, we are parents too, so we are passionate about being the best early learning centre in Botany, offering high-quality early childhood education (ECE).

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Our teachers are registered

Many of our teachers are qualified and certificated (registered), and we have extensive experience in providing quality care and education for children between the ages of birth to 6 years.

We insist on providing quality education – that means we have a very high teacher to child ratio (far more than required by the Ministry of Education). Our education philosophy puts your child at the centre of everything we do.

Quality Education

The high quality of our education can also be seen in the equipment we use and the resources our children play with. These are replaced regularly and cleaned by the staff daily. Each centre is thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners every night.

Our outdoor play areas are well equipped and are much larger than required by the Ministry of Education. Our equipment is regularly replaced and constantly maintained.

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Delicious Meals

All our meals are prepared on our premises, and we can accommodate any dietary requirements. Our children love our food because it is delicious and nutritious. There is usually nothing left over! Our menu's take into account children's eating preferences and we often share cultural recipes that children enjoy. 

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At Treetops Early Learning Centre, we follow New Zealand’s ECE curriculum to ensure your child gets the best possible education in a caring, supportive, and fun environment.

Your child will have a primary caregiver – one teacher that knows your child very well understands their habits, preferences and interests. We give your child an individual connection while also allowing social interactions in structured and unstructured play.

Our children are happy, friendly, calm, well-fed and loved.

Judge for yourself, visit our centre now!

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Our centres are diverse

Each group of children has an age appropriate room with a qualified teachers. Each room has a different teacher-to-child ratio depending on the age and needs of the children. All of them exceed the minimum requirements set by the Ministry of Education – this is part of what quality education means to us.

Our centres are diverse, and we celebrate this diversity in our languages, cultures, festivals, celebrations, dress and food!

We adjust our experiences to suit your child’s needs and interests

While we have rituals, we also respect the child’s individuality.

Fill in your details, and we’ll call you to make an appointment to visit our centre.


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We offer 20 hours ECE, full-day, 6-hour and limited sessions to suit your schedule and your child’s needs.

We are open for 10.5 hours a day so you can get to work on time and know that your child is well taken care of. Our children have small meals throughout the day and a snack before going home, so there are no crying, hungry children at the end of your busy day.


We are keen to learn about your child. Make an appointment to visit our centre now. 

You can find more information here, and our enrolment form is here.



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