At our Botany centre we have three rooms for our different age groups 


Te Kohanga


At Treetops Early Learning Centres we believe in the importance of primary caregiving. We, therefore, all use this practice with all of our younger children. This means that your child will have an initial main caregiver introduced to them. This teacher will be there for you to build a strong trusting relationship with. They will be the person who looks after your child’s care moments, the teacher that knows your child best and keeps an extra special eye on them in your absence.

As your child develops a strong relationship with their primary caregiver, they will then begin to develop relationships with the other teachers in their room. This ensures that they are comfortable with all of our teachers in the room.

Learn more about our philosophy here.



Nga Tui


Toddlers have their own dedicated room. There are many opportunities to move and explore inside and outside in our creative play environments.

Learn more about our philosophy here.

Nga Kea

Young children 

We place a high priority on developing independence and self management skills as children move closer to starting school. Children are encouraged to problem solve and develop social relationships with peers and adults.

Learn more about our philosophy here.

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Botany News - Raincoat and Gumboot Day plus

Wow this week has been one of our sunniest yet, but that didn't stop us from dresssing up in our Raincoats and Gumboots! We were rady to catch the raindrops and splash in the puddles created in our awesome garden hose. Fun was had by all the children and teachers as it was a wet and wild kind of day.

We really wanted to embrace and celebrate Papatuanuku and Ranginui with the rain bringing life with it and creating an environment for nature to grow.

Thank you to all our families and whanau for your support in making this day happen 

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