Preparing Your Toddler For Their First Day At Daycare

25 April 2022

e01 prepare child for nursery

The first day of daycare is sure to be a very memorable experience for both you and your toddler! Many adults can still recall memories of their first day of daycare and what it was like to be separated from their parents for, often, the first time. 

While you may be nervous about this day, it has to happen sooner or later and sending your child to daycare has many benefits for both of you! Daycare allows your child to socialise with other kids their age and partake in fun learning activities, all the while you get to go back to work or handle other tasks without distraction.

As a popular East Tamaki daycare, we have been there on many parents’ and toddlers’ first day of daycare, and we have the following advice for you!

Get Them Excited About It

Many parents do not mention daycare until the actual day in fear of the children dreading the day before it comes around. But a better approach would perhaps be to get your kids excited about daycare by talking about all the fun they will have and how proud you are of them.

Socialise Your Child

If your toddler is an only child and does not spend much time around other children, it may be a good idea to set up some playdates ahead of time (especially with children who attend the daycare of your choice). This will ensure that they are not overwhelmed when they arrive on their first day and already recognise some familiar faces to play with.

Practice Separation

If you are one of those parents that is always with their child, then hats off to you! But it may be good to start practising leaving your child with friends or family members you trust so that your child can start getting used to not being with you 24/7.

Establish A Routine In Preparation

When your child starts going to daycare, their morning routine may change slightly. They may have to get up earlier and get used to having an earlier breakfast and getting properly dressed. You may want to start introducing this routine a few weeks before they go to daycare so that it does not come as a shock when the day arrives.

Are you looking for an East Tamaki daycare that has your child’s best interests at heart? Here at Treetops Early Learning Centre, we focus on creating a warm and stimulating environment for your child to play and learn. Contact us today.